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It does talk to all while the Great Spirit does not speak to me straight. And I am convinced it will speak of my buddy Bill. And Bill does help keep our understanding of things which will need to be understood although we invest our time staring into the sunlight and be blinded. I will take your word on this. In Spring Valley, BuktiQQ. The U.S.A.. We had a word Once I was growing up. Shoshone. I believe that it means the exact identical thing. Thank you Dee to your own comment. I will continue writing on it. I believe I know who wrote that. . Charles, thank you for the remark. I love the fact that you’re respectful in expressing your own opinions.

This isn’t an assault on Leech Lake and I’m sorry if folks think that it is. This is an assault on child abuse, and many posts have been written by me about child abuse that’s achieved by people and races. Thanks for expressing your opinion. I’m a young adult, which climbed up about the leech lake reservation. That I never heard of some other kid service employees neglecting children that aren’t being taken care of, although I’d be the first to acknowledge that there are problems on the rez? Never heard about a child dying across in any of these or the hospital’s other tales. In my life I met a friend that was molested or a single-family. I understand there is much more poverty on the rez but that is what happened?